Specialist Groups

The focus behind our specialist groups is to bring together businesses and thoughtful views to build profound insights.

With the ever-changing market research trends, these groups are an answer to all types of panel requirements.

Be it real-time research, agile market research or traditional methods of research, the specialist groups can provide a multi-dimensional look into the consumers’ world.

Specializing in B2B research, merging of experts' opinion data and digital behavioral data helps companies in decision making and uncovering new business opportunities.

Deeply profiled over 40 modules with over 600 data points, the groups are loyal and trustworthy. Most engaging B2B panels, with each respondent being validated on 68 variables to ensure quality and consistency.

Targeting makes it possible to:

  Pick and route valuable customer segments in real-time, based on online behavior or import profile-based segment definitions.

 Targeting based on in-the-moment behavior, device type, as well as a combination of historical participation.

 Integrate information from CRMs, loyalty programs, ecommerce platforms, and other data sources for targeting.

 Identify and engage high opinion customers with relevant surveys

Some of our key features towards building a strong panel:

WiseCheck is the physical manifestation of our quality belief. It's our proprietary algorithm, capturing 56 parameters.

Panelists data is automatically checked at the time of registration for duplicate email address.

We utilize custom-designed B2B red-herring questions to help test authenticity and expertise.

WiseCheck Score, helps us separate bad, good and excellent.

Octet check; to catch bot activity.

We also control the frequency of survey invitations to protect the user experience and reduce clutter.

Frequent refreshing of the respondents dashboard helps to alleviate the burden of concurrent studies.

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